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2016 Best EI Article Award Recipient

"Reconciling Micro and Macro Estimates of the
Frisch Labor Supply Elasticity
by William B. Peterman,
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


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Published since 1962, (formerly Western Economic Journal), EI is widely regarded as one of the top scholarly journals in its field. Besides containing research on all economics topic areas, a principal objective is to make each article understandable to economists who are not necessarily specialists in the article's topic area. Twenty-three Nobel Laureates are among EI's long list of prestigious authors. Published in cooperation with Wiley-Blackwell, its worldwide circulation is approximately 3,500.

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Economic Inquiry posted the following stats for 2015:

  • Average 73 days to first decision for submitted manuscripts
  • 5-Year Impact Factor of 1.384, 2-Year Impact Factor of 1.091
  • ISI ranking 132/344 in economics journals
  • Eigenfactor ranking 48/224 in economics journals
  • Article Influence ranking 75/224 in economics journals


EI Editor, Wes Wilson, received an award as a “Distinguished Member of the Transportation and Public Utilities Group” for significant contributions to the field over his career. Previous award winners have been Nobel Laureates William Vickrey and Daniel McFadden with a host of others over its long history.


Co-Editor Bruce A. Blonigen has been appointed as the Interim Dean of the Lundquist School of Business at the University of Oregon. He will remain as a specialized co-editor for international economics and serve in a limited capacity while serving as Interim Dean. The announcement can be found at



Editorial Board



Specialized Co-Editors

  • Ted Bergstrom, University of California, Santa Barbara, Economics of Publishing, and Public Economics
  • Bruce A. Blonigen, University of Oregon, Trade Policy, International Trade, and Industrial Organization
  • William A. Branch, University of California, Irvine, DSGE Models and Bounded Rationality, and Macroeconomics
  • Andrew Caplin, New York University,  Model-based Approaches to Non-Standard Data
  • Maggie Chen, George Washington University, Multinational Firms  and International Trade
  • Luke Froeb, Vanderbilt University, Competition Economics, Industrial Economics and Business Economics
  • Tony Kwasnica, Pennsylvania State University, Experimental Economics, Auctions, and Information
  • Jason Lindo, Texas A&M University, Health Economics, Public Economics and Policy
  • Keith E. Maskus, University of Colorado, Boulder, International Trade, Development and Intellectual Property Rights and International Economics
  • Charles F. Mason, University of Wyoming, Environmental and Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Industrial Organization
  • R. Preston McAfee, Microsoft, Whatever Wes needs
  • Ola Olsson, University of Gothenburg, Development, Economic Growth
  • David Reiley, Pandora, Field Experiments
  • Tim Salmon, Southern Methodist University, Experimental, Auction Theory, and Industrial Organization
  • Robert Simmons, Lancaster University, Sports Economics and Labor
  • Dietrich Vollrath, University of Houston, Economic Growth, Development, Macroeconomics
  • Glen R. Waddell, University of Oregon, Education and Policy Evaluation, Labor and Public Economics

Associate Editors

  • Leonardo J. Basso, Universidad de Chile, Transport Economics, IO, Urban Economics
  • Philip Curry, University of Waterloo, Economics of Crime, Theory, Industrial Organization
  • Gordon Dahl, University of California, San Diego, Education, Labor
  • Ferre de Graeve, Sveriges Riksbank, Macro-Finance, Monetary Policy, Macroeconometrics, DSGE Models, Banking
  • Gerald Dwyer, Jr., Clemson University, Financial Crises, Monetary, Banking. Growth
  • Todd Elder, Michigan State University, Economics of Education, Program Evaluation
  • David Figlio, Northwestern University, Economics of Education, Public Economics, Policy
  • Jane Cooley Fruehwirth, University of North Carolina, Education and Public Economics
  • Lata Gangadharan, Monash University, Experimental, Environmental, Institutions and Development
  • Bernhard Ganglmair, University of Texas at Dallas, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics
  • Limor Golan, Washington University in St. Louis, Labor, Applied Microeconomics
  • Holger Görg, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, International Trade and Multinational Firms
  • Keith Head, University of British Columbia, Trade Policy and International Trade
  • Kevin Henrickson, Gonzaga University, Applied Microeconomics, Labor, Spatial Econometrics
  • Peter Ireland, Boston College, Macroeconomics, Stochastic Growth, Monetary Economics
  • Sherry Li, University of Texas, Dallas, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics
  • John Mayo, Georgetown University, Regulation and Industrial Organization
  • Guillaume Rocheteau, University of California, Irvine, Macroeconomics, Money
  • Katheryn N. Russ, University of California, Davis, International Trade and Finance, International  Monetary Economics
  • Mikhael Shor, University of Connecticut, Industrial Organization and Experimental
  • David Sims, Brigham Young University, Education and Labor
  • Kan Takeuchi, Hitotsubashi University, Behavioral, Experimental, Time Preference
  • Jacob Vigdor, Duke University, Education, Immigration and Migration, Urban
  • Todd B. Walker, Indiana University, Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Financial Economics
  • Avi Weiss, Bar-Ilan University, Industrial Organization, Labor, Law and Economics, Experimental
  • Shintaro Yamaguchi, McMaster University, Labor, Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics
  • Feng Yao, West Virginia University, Econometrics and Applied Econometrics
  • Nicolas L. Ziebarth, University of Iowa, Macroeconomics, Economic History
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