Institutional Membership

Current WEAI Institutional Members include academic institutions, business firms, and other organizations who share WEAI's objectives, and wish to provide special opportunities for their economists to participate in WEAI's activities.

Join or renew your Institutional Membership today -- call 714.965.8800 with a Visa or Mastercard number or make a secure payment online.

Individual Membership

Members are professionals and students in economics and related disciplines. Besides receiving subscriptions to both CEP and EI, they enjoy numerous other benefits, including paying substantially lower fees than do nonmembers for participation in Association activities. Membership year includes four CEP and EI editions and extends from joining date through one annual conference.

Regular membership dues are $65 for one year, $160 for three years. Student membership dues are $30 a year (verification of full-time enrollment required). Family membership extends benefits to both spouses for just $100 for one year, $245 for three years. For the above categories, add $15 a year for mailing outside the U.S., Canada, and Latin America (air delivery where appropriate).

WEAI is also offering a GREEN membership option --  journal access is online only, no hard copy journals are mailed, so mailing fees are waived! Regular green membership dues are $55 for one year, $135 for three years. Green family membership dues are $85 for one year, $210 for three years. 

Join or renew your individual membership today!
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  • Fax: Complete a membership form, and fax it to 714.965.8829.