WEAI publishes two highly-acclaimed quarterly journals, Economic Inquiry and Contemporary Economic Policy. Both are published in January, April, July, and October in cooperation with publishing partner Wiley-Blackwell. For individuals, subscriptions to both journals are included with membership in Western Economic Association International. For institutions, subscriptions are available through Wiley-Blackwell. Both journals are available online back to volume one through the Wiley Online Library.

Contemporary Economic Policy posted the following stats for 2016:

  • 5-Year Impact Factor of .798, 2-Year Impact Factor of .887 
  • ISI ranking 182/347 in economics journals; 34/47 in public administration journals
  • Eigenfactor ranking 184/347 in economics journals
  • Article Influence ranking 214/339 in economics journals

Economic Inquiry posted the following stats for 2016:

  • Eigenfactor ranking 57/347 in economics journals
  • Article Influence ranking 92/339 in economics journals
  • 5-Year Impact Factor of 1.334, 2-Year Impact Factor of .922
  • ISI ranking 175/347 in economics journals


Contemporary Economic Policy


Editor: Brad R. Humphreys, West Virginia University

2016 Best Article Award Recipient: "Drug Policy and Intergenerational Income Mobility in the United Statesby Owen Thompson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

First published in 1982 as Contemporary Policy Issues, Contemporary Economic Policy publishes scholarly economic research and analysis on issues of vital concern to business, government, and other decision makers. The objectives are to communicate results of high quality economic analysis to policymakers, focus high quality research and analysis on current policy issues of widespread concern, increase knowledge among economists of features of the economy key to understanding the impact of policy, and to advance methods of policy analysis. 

Economic Inquiry


Editor: Wesley W. Wilson, University of Oregon

2016 Best Article Award Recipient: "Reconciling Micro and Macro Estimates of the Frisch Labor Supply Elasticityby William B. Peterman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Published since 1962, (formerly Western Economic Journal), EI is widely regarded as one of the top scholarly journals in its field. Besides containing research on all economics topic areas, a principal objective is to make each article understandable to economists who are not necessarily specialists in the article's topic area. Twenty-four Nobel laureates are among EI's long list of prestigious authors. Published in cooperation with Wiley-Blackwell, its worldwide circulation is approximately 10,357.

Wondering How to Get Your Research Published?

In case you missed the session organized by Francisca Antman (University of Colorado) at the 88th Annual Conference in Seattle for the Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP), the presentations have been made available online.