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12th International Conference | January 7-10, 2016

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


11-24-15: The FINAL preliminary program is now available! Program participants' contact information is in the participants directory (the password for which is being emailed to participants 11-25-15).

Keynote addresses include Peter Diamond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recipient of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, "Unemployment"; Sir James Mirrlees, Chinese University of Hong Kong, recipient of the 1996 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, "When Capital Markets Fail"; Yew-Kwang NgAlbert Winsemius Chair, Economics, NTU, Distinguished Fellow of the Australian Economics Society, "Generalizing Economics and Expanding Markets: Legalizing Kidney Sales and Prostitution"; and Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute, "Economic Effects of Infrastructure Investment," Participants Dinner Keynote Address.

If you are part of a another academic society and would be interested in becoming a Participating Allied Society, please let us know.

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91st Annual Conference | June 29- July 3, 2016

Hilton Portland & Executive Tower, Oregon

PortlandJoin us in helping to "Keep Portland Weird" -- whether some quality time at Powell's City of Books, the International Rose Test GardenShakespeare in the Park, the Waterfront Blues Festival, the Portland Saturday Market, or a tour of some craft breweries is your cup of tea -- Portland is the place to be next summer, June 29-July 3!

Online volunteer participation submission now available (all fields of economics are most welcome):

Consider organizing a session on a topic of your choice. You choose the papers and participants, and have greater flexibility in scheduling. Take a peek at the Guidelines for Session Organizers and get started today!

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Economic Inquiry Editors in the News

  • EI Editor, Wes Wilson, received an award as a “Distinguished Member of the Transportation and Public Utilities Group” for significant contributions to the field over his career. Previous award winners have been Nobel Laureates William Vickrey and Daniel McFadden with a host of others over its long history.
  • EI Co-editor Ted Bergstrom has been named 2015 AEA Distinguished Fellow. Congratulations to Ted! To learn more, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/honors_awards/bios/Theodore_Bergstrom.php.


2015 Graduate Student Dissertation Workshop Students Selected

WEAI thanks the fifty-two highly-qualified applicants who were reviewed and ranked by this year's selection committee. The top sixteen students participated in a two-day workshop, held during the 90th Annual Conference, focused on job market paper presentation and interview skills, followed by a mock interview and coaching with a panel of four interviewers designed to closely resemble a typical ASSA interview experience. The 2015 Graduate Student Workshop groups included the following:

Group #1 | Economics of Health
Advisor: John Cawley, Cornell University 

  • Diane Alexander, Princeton University, Department of Economics
    Do Doctors Engage in Risk Selection? Unintended Consequences of Paying Doctors to Reduce Costs
  • Benjamin David Ukert, Georgia State University, Department of Economics
    The Effect of Smoking Cessation on Alcohol Consumption: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
  • Ariell Zimran, Northwestern University, Department of Economics
    Does Sample-Selection Bias Explain the Industrialization Puzzle? Evidence from Military Enlistment in the Nineteenth-Century United States
  • Jennifer E. Muz, University of California, Irvine, Department of Economics
    The Impact of the Business Cycle on Fertility Decisions among Dual Earner Couples


Group #2 | Programs and Policies Affecting Education and Fertility
Advisor: Brian Duncan, University of Colorado, Denver

  • Nazmul Ahsan, University of Southern California, Department of Economics
    Do Parents Selectively Time Birth Relative to Ramadan? Evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh
  • Ricardo Espinoza, University of Maryland, Department of Economics
    Quality Information Disclosure and College Choice Decision: Evidence from an Accreditation Program
  • Michel Z. Grosz, University of California, Davis, Department of Economics
    The Returns to Community College Health Programs: Evidence from California
  • Jenna E. Stearns, University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Economics
    The Effects of Paid Maternity Leave: Evidence from Temporary Disability Insurance


Group #3 | Addressing Economic Issues with Data from Diverse Economies
Advisor: Nancy Jianakoplos, Colorado State University

  • Ellen McCullough, Cornell University, School of Applied Economics and Management
    Understanding Agricultural Labor Exits in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Obie C. Porteous, University of California, Berkeley, College of Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
    High Trade Costs and Their Consequences: An Estimated Model of African Agricultural Storage and Trade
  • Aine Seitz McCarthy, University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics
    His and Her Fertility Preferences: An Experimental Evaluation of Differential Information in Family Planning
  • Joseph Briggs, New York University, Department of Economics
    Wealth and Portfolio Risk: Evidence from Swedish Lotteries


Group #4 | Telephones, School Testing, Public Health, and Wages
Advisor: Maureen Pirog, Indiana University

  • Robert M. Gonzalez, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Economics
    Social Monitoring and Electoral Fraud: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design in Afghanistan
  • Sarah A. G. Komisarow, The University of Chicago, Department of Economics
    Public Health Regulation and Mortality: Evidence from Early 20th Century Milk Laws
  • Na'ama Shenhav, University of California, Davis, Department of Economics
    The Power of the Purse: Linking Changes in the Wage Structure, the Gender Gap and Family Outcomes
  • Michael J. Thacker, University of Oregon, Department of Economics
    A Bayesian Estimator of State-Space Time-Varying-Parameter Logit Models: An Evolutionary Model of Telephony Demand
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