2018 Executive Board Election


The 2017 Nominating Committee submitted the following candidates to the Executive Board for approval. No other candidates were submitted by the membership. If elected, incoming board members will begin their terms at the close of the Presidential Luncheon, June 28, 2018. Election ballots will be circulated electronically to the membership beginning April 15, 2018, and will close May 15, 2018.

Vice President

  • Alan Auerbach, University of California, Berkeley [more info]

Academic Director

  • Michael Ransom, Brigham Young University [more info]

Non-Academic Director

  • Maude Toussaint-Coumeau, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago [more info]


Thank you to the 2017 Nominating Committee -- Orley Ashenfelter (chairman), Peter Kuhn, Daniel McFadden, and John Shoven.